DJCyberPhilosophy Week 3

Hello and welcome to another edition of DJCyberPhilosphy, where we talk about life, music , death and things of that nature. In this weeks edition: what is life going to be like after the pandemic recedes?

It’s been over a year with this pandemic and it probably won’t be going away soon. So what will life be like after this is all over. Most likely it will be similar to the flu season. Every year you’ll have to get a vaccine shot. But as people build up their immune systems they will begin to have greater strength to combat this. So life will be almost normal. But with almost two years of this kind of lifestyle, less commuting to work and having a mobile office, this will probably be the norm.

Less working at crowded offices means less chance of getting sick from other people. At you home office you’re responsible for taking care of yourself. You are more likely to be healthier.

Just before moving on. A quick word about vaccines. Are good for you? Do they have side effects? All vaccines have to potential to be effective and they also can have side effects. It all depends on individual health status. So before getting any vaccine check with you family doctor to make sure that you get the best information and which vaccine to get (if you have a choice on which vaccine). Vaccines saves lives.

Back to life after the pandemic. You now may have a lot clearer view on what is important in your life and you should focus on that. Having a focus will get you through the most difficult times. Through this pandemic my focus has been to create great music to warm the hearts of dancers around the world and that has kept me going. I have now created more tracks than the past three years combined.

So keep your mind focused and you shall survive. No not just survive but thrive.

That’s it for this week, as always stay safe stay cool. And now stay Focused.

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