DJCyberPhilosophy Week 2

Welcome to a second week of DJCyberPhilosphy, where we talk about life, love music and anything that can influence your decisions in life. In this week’s edition: music transcends language.

In different cultures around the world there is music that is unique to that particular culture. Like all languages it is hard for people not of that culture to “speak it”. Why? It is because the culture has its own beat, its own intricacies in melody and rhythm. And like languages it will take time to learn the vocabulary and grammar as you will. But unlike watching a foreign language film you do not need to have subtitles to understand what the musician is trying to convey.

Music therefore transcends the language barrier. Music deals in emotions and emotions are the vocabulary of all artists be musician or otherwise. Many of us forget the emotion we are trying to convey when writing music and like teaching language by teaching just grammar, communication is all but lost.

The emotion is the basis of all communications. Be it wanting to connect with others because of our loneliness, wanting to spread the joy we have in our hearts, or just extending a hand in friendship, it all extends from our emotions.

Remember to use your emotions wisely, let them be a guide for your actions not to lead you actions. Allow the emotions in music to move you into the light. That is how I write my music, this is what guides me in my quest for emotional freedom.

That is it for this week and until next time stay safe, stay cool, and bye for now.

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