Home is Hurting

From the point I cried out in Crying Out, to the point of feeling the change in Winds of Time then I redeemed myself in Rise to the Challenge. But for all the good there is the home is still hurting. Family’s split apart. Unable to be close to the ones you love most.

Ironic that people say the home is the safest place on Earth, yet at home is where it hurts the most. You can’t leave it without feeling hurt and you can’t stay without getting hurt.

My newest track reflects the conflict of the home. And how you can restore the faith you have within it. Restore the warmth that was lost throughout the year of Pan(demic) or pain.

The Home is Hurting, but you can ease the pain and bring in joy and happiness to your temple. Fill you heart with pleasure and give the hurt the heave ho as you take a journey through four stages of my life.

Home is Hurting

Take strength from my pain that has been overcome, take happiness from my hurt that is healing day by day. Journey to the future that will be full of life.

Until next we meet. Stay Safe, Stay Cool. And my 2021 bring you new opportunities and prosperity that this year did not.

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