Rise to the Challenge

New Psy-Trance track out Monday 21 December. In the past two weeks you and I have gone through pain and cried out (Crying Out), then we felt the Winds of Time changing and the breeze felt inviting. Now it is time to Rise to the occasion and meet the challenge of a new beginning.

Meet Rise to the Challenge the latest track from DJCybertsai. The sounds will envelope you and lift you up to soaring heights. It will take you on a journey of fabulous wonders and challenge your preconceptions. Feel the moment as its takes you by the hand and guides you through your imagination and gives you the courage to stand up to new challenges of time. Our Time.

Through this journey I have become more cognisant of my own surroundings, about things I have lost and have rediscovered within me. My journey was thrown off kilter for such a long time that I had forgotten that I was on one. The mundane of life began to crowd my soul and squashed the joy of my creation. Then, I hope like you will you do, I cried out long and hard into the night, saw the change in the wind and now will rise to meet the next page of my on going journey.

I hope that you will join me in that journey of rediscovery and rekindle the joy of life with music.

Thank you once again for being here with me so far and until next we meet, Stay Safe, Stay Cool and may you journey be full of admiration and contentment.

Working on the new track.

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