Crying Out

Last Monday a new release by DJCybertsai came out on It is a trance track that visualises the anguish that one has and how it is relieved by crying out.

It is a journey I have had to face as the past couple of months have been harrowing and downright miserable. I have had bouts of sadness, mood swings and came to within an inch of a full on panic attack. I have always kept this under my skin never letting it out or keeping it from getting things finished. But I have come close to giving it all away. Yet after writing this track, I have regained some of the momentum that has been with me the last couple of years.

So if you are suffering now or a little down have a listen to this track and you should be able to rid yourself of most of the demons that are haunting you.

Hope you have enjoyed this journey into the making of this track and that it inspires you to stand back up and fight to live again. So until next time, Stay Safe, Stay Cool and bye for now.

℗ © 2020 Sawagi Noise

Album Art © 2020 Photism Japan

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