Richard Pryor explains how capitalism leads to racism, in a 1977 interview

White homes. [Network executives] worry about that a lot. […] [They’re afraid I’m] going to stop some racism. They’re probably afraid of that. Because then people don’t hate each other, then people start talking because soon people people don’t hate each other and people start talking to each other and then they start talking to each other they find out who’s the problem, which is greedy people.


I just think it’s part of capitalism to promote racism, right? In order to make things work. If you feel better because you’re white and you can get a job, you use that. I would. […] And that separates people. So they keep people separated and that keeps them from thinking about the real problem. That’s as simple as I see it.


It seems that the only time you get into positions of power is if you like the people that are in power. The people that get to become executives become like the people that were already executives. They may go in there with good intentions, but it eats them up. It’s like a cesspool.

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