Living or Existing in Our Times

Welcome to the renewal of DJCyberBlog.

I am a producer and DJ working at Sawagi Noise Studios.  We create PsyTrance and Techno music.  I have been working at Sawagi Noise Studios for the best part of the last five years and

It has been an incredible journey.  But as you may know, that journey is still ongoing.  I would like to share some of that with you and other news around the music world.

With the renewal I have split this blog into departments: New of the week (what I have been unto in the studio.); State of DJing (What is DJ like at this moment in time for me and the rest of the DJ World) and DJCyberTsai Philosophy (How I think and why I do what I do).

News of the Week:

This week has been pretty busy as I have been trying to get a nice groove for my next track but it’s not gelling together so I have put it aside for now and started a new track in a different genre just to get some inspiration.

Speaking of music my tracks new tracks are out and play on streaming services and on


Rising in the East



Bed of Nails

In other news, my computer has just been repaired and I am having to get used to typing and working on it again as I got used to my older computer for most of last week.

State of DJing:

Until a few days ago my computer was being repaired so most of my practising was on my iPad Pro.  As this is an older iPad Pro I don’t have a lot of real estate on the screen to get my hands into a good position,

but hopefully, it will translate on to the DJ Controller I have.

DJCyberTsai Philosophy:

There is no good luck or bad luck, there is just the situation.  When you say it’s good luck you are seeing the situation in a positive light. When you say bad luck you are seeing the situation in a negative light.

When you are having “bad luck” take a step back a look at the whole situation see the good and use it to your advantage.  That’s how bad can be turned into good.


Well, that’s it for this week until next week hope you have a great one.

As always Stay Safe, Stay Cool.

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