DJCyberNews of the Week for 21 May 2020

Welcome to another edition of DJCyberNews of the week. On this week’s edition we plenty of mixes for you to enjoy while in lockdown, Eurovision going AI and other news as well as gear, tips and miscellaneous news. So let’s hop into it:


Some sad news first off the photographer for the Beatles has passed on at the age of 81

An unreleased Avicii mix from way back in 2011 will be broadcast on 24 May

Mixes and Tracks:

Francesca Lombardo with Antivirus Radio

Lara Palmer with MNMT 258

JES with Unleash the Beat Mixshow 392

Legendary Aussie rock band Powderfinger has reformed for a live-streamed charity event

Katy Perry with fifth album launch with a new song “Daisies”

Pete Tong with The Essential Selection (with EJECA)

Shubostar with FBi Mix 007

ABBA’s Waterloo has been voted the best song of all time at Eurovision.

DJCyberTsai with DJCyberStream Trance Before Summer Mix Live

Japanese Music News:

初期のビートルズ支えたドイツ人写真家が死去 髪型などスタイルに影響

Wavesの革新的スピーカシミュレーター「Nx」「Abbey Road Studio 3」レビュー

主要Dawのサウンドを徹底検証 2020年版(2020年5月16日 20時より生配信)


Gear, Tips and Tricks:

Having trouble mixing? Maybe you need to get in the right headspace

Need shortcuts for your door with an iPad? Check this out.

Do you record many mixtapes and do livestreams? Do you know you can legally make money from them? Find out how from Digital DJ Tips

ParallelDrums Plugin for you final mix

Music Business still has a chink in it’s armour and that’s the Physical Product, the bottom line maker

How often should you post to Social Media?

And that’s it for this week’s edition of DJCyberNews of the Week. Questions and comments please email me at Don’t forget to subscribe to my Email newsletter. Until next week, Stay Safe, Stay Cool.

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