DJCyberNews of The Week

Welcome to another edition of DJCyberNews of the Week. This weeks news is packed with mixes tracks and some tips and tricks for you to enjoy. Now into the news.

Mixes and Tracks:

Sam Felt with Heartfelt Radio 224

Afrojack release music video of All-Night

Podcast of an interview of former Babes in Toyland bassist Maureen Herman

Martin Garrix with The Martin Garrix Show 293

Steve Perry delivers ‘In My Room’ the quarantine edition of the Beach Boys classic

Xenia releases I will be Fine a pop ready track

and finally DJCyberTsai with DJCyberStream Technocality Mix

Sad News:

This week mark the second anniversary of a the passing of Avicii great artist in the EDM world here are some of the the tributes afforded to him. His death as well as this pandemic has also highlighted the importance of mental well-being.

Also this week marks the passing of a great actor Brian Dennehy of Tommy Boy and Cocoon fame. He died of natural causes.

Tips and Tricks:

Adam Jay on building live Techno sets

The six steps to online Strategy Success

That wraps up the news for this week. Please comment about what you would like to read next week or what you found interesting in the news of music this. Until then Stay Safe, Stay Cool.

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