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All this week and this month for that matter has been the crisis known as Covid-19 Pandemic. My advice is do what you need to do but don’t panic and don’t hoard. This is a deadly virus if you are complacent. So be vigilant move around with caution if you need to go out or go to work. Stay home and work from there if your company allows. How long will this last depends on how fast the doctors and scientist can find a vaccine or treatment. So keep drinking warm liquids. Now onto the news. This week we have loads of mixes to share, some advice on how to weather the corona crisis, sad news, great music apps to try out and much more so stay tuned:


As an entrepreneur in the music industry the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major economic downturn for us as we may have lost a big chunk of our revenue to cancellations and such but Susana, Number one Trance Vocalist has some sound advice for you:

Corona Virus may have cancelled many shows but this may be an opportunity for musicians to live stream from home. Will the internet handle that many more live streams than it has now?:


Moog and Korg have made two of their instruments free in the App store while staying at home you can keep you creative muscles shipshape with the Minimoog Model D and the Korg Kaossilator. For more sounds and pack there are in app purchases:

Recreate sounds of the 70’s with this app, iOptigan, and recreation of the rare optical organ Optigan. It has three free discs for you to play around with but you can purchase more discs AUD$1.49 each or the whole pack for AUD$9.99:

Sad News:

Genesis P-Orridge Pioneer of industrial music and Throbbing Gristle Founder has passed away at 70

Mixes and Tracks:

Fiona Apple’s new album has been named after a Gillian Anderson Quote:

Ava Max New Single, Kings and Queens, from upcoming debut album:,

Mendy Indigo – Circoloco Radio 129:

Marco Bailey – Materia Music 072

Amy Wiles – Anjunabeats Worldwide 668

Alison Wonderland shares full live show:

No mix from me this week as there have been some technical difficulties with my software will be back next week with a brand new mix. So for this week here is a link to my latest track on beatport:

Time’s a Passing

So that is all the music news for this week hope you enjoyed the ride see you all back here next week. Until then Stay safe, Stay Cool.

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