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Welcome to another edition of Sawagi Noise of the Week. In this edition it chock-a-block full of news. So here we go:


First off in some sad news actor Max von Sydow star of Exorcist and over 200 films to his credit has passed away at the age of 90:

Great piece on how Debbie Harry became Blondie over at

Alison Wonderland was unwell for Okeechobee and Subtronics was added last minute to take over (fans really supportive when DJ get sick and unable to perform):

Finally YouTube does something right by its creators they fixed the channel subscriber notifications:

Ultra’s offers a lot of benefits to ticket purchasers but some are notably upset that there is no offer of refunds:

Not only is Ultra Miami cancelled but the Miami Winter Music Conference also cancelled due to coronavirus:

Also on the Cancellation band wagon Coachella could be next as Riverside County declares public health emergency:

Tracks and Mixes:

Essence of Trance: a dream compilation for fans of the Dutch DJ RAM

Porter Robinson releases a second track off his Nurture album release called “Something Comforting”:

Discwoman co-founder UMFANG has launched a new label, and her fourth LP will be its inaugural release:

Le Club Culture by Michelle Sparks:

ITM 306 by Nicole Moudaber:

GEM FM 142 by Nick Grater:

And DJCyberStream Laid Back Mix by yours truly DJCyberTsai

Tips and Tricks:

Are you trying to get more clicks and listens but seem to be getting no results then maybe you should see what Susana has to say about it, yes Susana the top female trance vocalist, she has a blog about marketing yourself with instagram and email as well so check out one of her posts:

Do you have trouble micing saxophones? Then you need to read this:

And finally if your a DJ you need to read this important tip, DJ contracts are an important part of being a DJ:

Phew! That was a Jammed packed. I hope you enjoyed this weeks news and we’ll have more each week. So until then Stay Safe Stay Cool!

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