DJCyberNews of the Week

Welcome to another week of DJCyberNews. First off our condolences to the family and friends of Kobe Bryant a loss that will leave a void in many of our hearts. He will live on as he is now an immortal in all our hearts.

Music news:

Beastie Boys documentary:

Skrillex teases New album at the Grammys:

Clubs and Festivals:

EDM Tunes’ Five must see UK festivals:

The top 5 Dance Music Festivals of 2020:


Check out Agatha Pher’s When We Dip mix

Music Tips:

A guide to Alternative mixes:

How to make your mix more interesting:

And finally DJCyberStream:

This weeks Love and Dance mix:

That’s all for now see you next week. Stay Safe Stay Cool.

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