DJCyberNews of the Week

Welcome to another audition to DJCyberNews. In this weeks news we have Songs in the 1980’s topping the charts now, new gadgets for DJ’s and producers, and great new tracks to listen to and mix with.

Tracks and Mixes:

A new singer-songwriter Delena has a new song out “I Need You Tonight (Charlie Lane Remix)” She is making a name in the UK Pop scene so check it out:

Welsh song from 1981 has topped the iTunes UK song chart:

Kellie Allen Radio Show:

Oliver Heldons’ Heldeep Radio:


Tonelux JC37 Microphone a clone of the SOny C37a tube mic:

New standalone DJ Unit from DenonDJ, the Prime 2:

Novation’s Launchpad Pro has launched (no pun intended)


Juan Atkins and Kraftwer’s Wolfgang Flür to collaborate on a new album:

Big names revealed for the bushfire relief concert in Sydney, Australia:

German DJ wants to revive the cold war era parade, the Loveparade:

And finally DJCyberStream Mix Won is also up and streaming on MixCloud:

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