DJCyberNews Happy 2020

Happy New Year To all, and To All a wonderful and Prosperous 2020. May your resolutions be fulfilled and your aspirations be achieved.

And for the news for the last week we have:

Music News:

A lots happened in the past week first we have Pioneer DJ changing their corporate name to AlphaTheta, odd name but i believe appropriate after your read their explanation:

Streaming platform 8tracks has announced that they will be going offline after 11 years in the business, shows a decade can be cruel to even the best of us:

EDMTunes’ announce their top 100 tracks for 2019:

And Amazon launches ‘Choose Your Own DJ Playlists’:

For folks in Japan: 日本でも大人気のヴィナイが20203月来日決定! 新木場「ageHa」初登場


Mariana BO- Dance Rituals:

AND Kiwi ReKords shares free EP:


Tips for using Cues:

That’s all from us this week hope you have a lovely holiday we’ll be back again next week.

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