News for this Week

Hello, hope that you are doing well. In this weeks news we have Apple having their first ever music awards and the big winner is Billie Eilish.

Apple also created Apple Music for Business but will you like the music they play at your favourite stores?

Last Friday an expanded reissue of Prince’s 1999 and one of the tracks in it was an unreleased song called Purple Music. The track is eleven minutes long and it fits in well with the other tracks in the album!

The Annual XXV (Mini Mix) by UK’s Ministry of Sound is out now.

And from Black Hole Recordings we have Darren Porter, Ram, & Natalie Gioia’s One Million Seconds (Billie Gillies Extended Remix)

Remember also the first December stream of DJCyberstream Wake Up Mix is up and streaming.

And finally on a sad note we bid farewell to Andrew ‘Greedy’ Smith the lead singer and co-founder of the band Mental As Anything as he passed away from a heart attack. May his journey into the unknown be a great musical journey.

Until next time Stay Safe and Rave Cool!

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