What could be in store for 2019

NAMM has just begun and there are a plethora of plugins and hardware for everyone to check out.

There are a few stand out from the show first of which is from Native Instruments. After last year’s big release of Maschine Mk3 and the Traktor Kontrol S4 M3 and the S2 Mk3, where would they go next? Well the answer is to the masses.

They have announced a four new products that are aimed at as many people to get into music as ever before.


There catch call “For The Music In You” is very appropriate. The new line looks solid and is very reasonably priced. There is a new portable keyboard, the Komplete Kontrol M32 which has 32 keys but no coloured lights or screens but has all the other major features as it’s larger siblings in the Komplete Kontrol series. Two new audio interfaces Komplete Audio 1 and 2 both having 2 audio inputs and direct monitoring. And for the DJ in you there is Traktor DJ 2 for the Mac, Windows and iPad which can be controlled by software alone or you can use the S2 Mk3 connected to your computer or iPad.

They also have new software Komplete Start which has a bundle of free instruments and effects.

All these products will be out in the coming months and they look to be solid products and with the prices for each product the up coming young musicians will have a really good leg up into the recording and producing world of music. But we’ll have to see how the products work in the real first.

More from the NAMM world soon.


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