2018 Birth of a New Company

My company has been majoring slowly to find a groove into which Sawagi Noise can define its culture and music. 2017 was a year of discovery, a year of internal contemplation, and a new birth into 2018. 

This year I have defined Sawagi Noise as the place for Dance and Song to thrive. 

Sawagi Noise’s goal for 2018 is to put out three new Dance albums worth of tracks by June and three new albums worth of songs by September. 

The Dance albums will be in three genres: Techno; Trance/Psytrance; and House.  While the song albums will be more pop oriented. 

I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me, the creation of these albums as I post updates on how they are progressing and get an insight into how I work. 

To make sure you don’t miss out on updates please check out my blogs regularly as well as subscribing to my newsletter to keep up with the goings on at Sawagi Noise Studios. 

Until next time Dance the Rhythm, Share the Rhythm. 

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