Music and what it means to be a musician

What do you know about music?  How do you feel when you listen to music?  No matter who you are or where you are from music will have a profound influence on your emotions whether conscious of those changes or not.  Why? Because of the over millions of years music has been part of the conscious of the human mind even before being born the mind is subjected to the myriad of sounds that our world has to offer, but it’s those sounds that evoke humans that will cause an emotional response.  It can even enhance or exaggerate certain visual responses

Ever since that dawn of man music has been apart of our psyche. Early humans would have probably beat their hands o various surfaces to create a sound that closely resembled the human heartbeat and thus the drums were born. The oldest known instrument is the flute which would have sounded like the human whistling.  The sound of music would have held large groups of humans together. Our sense of belonging still pervade throughout the world today.  

Every society has their own traditional music.  And that music reflects the society, the traditions and the way of emotional connection.  Japanese Traditional Music played at festivals gives thanks to the gods but they also give the Kajibou (the float operators see image below) the lift they need to keep the float moving or be able to lift the float. Traditional Chinese music played during the Chinese new years eve is to scare away the monsters so it has air of making a lot of noise and lifting the spirits.  Traditional music evokes emotions to get people into a certain frame of mind.

As music became commercialised it became more and more generic and the emotional content became less and less important but now and then a song or an artist will evoke the right amount of emotion from people that it becomes part of society and tells the story of the time it was written.

So the next time you listen to a piece of music see what emotions it evokes in you and see how that affects the type of moment or day you have.

See you next time. And Music to Your heart!

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