The Maschine Studio mini review.

So as a music produce I have been trying a lot of digital equipment to help in making the kind of music I want.  The hardware I use most often is the Maschine Studio which has been a main stay in my music writing.  It’s design is simple, elegant yet masks the power that can be unleashed by whatever creativity that can be thrown at it.  No matter what genre you play, no matter how complex the composition, the Maschine Studio can handle it and make writing, creating and live performing of music a real joy.

The major feature of the Studio is the two high quality screens that show you all the details of the composition you are working on from which note your playing the where in the piece you are at present.  Almost everything can be done from the hardware controller and so you can work more efficiently at your music rather than playing around with the software to get it just right.

I give it 9.5/10.  

 The Maschine Studio

The Maschine Studio

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